Daily Sudoku Puzzles


How to Play

  1. Touch or click on a cell to select it.
  2. Use the large number grid below the puzzle to enter a number for the selected cell.
  3. Use the smaller numbers to place pencil marks if needed.
  4. Press and hold a pencil number to add that number to the selected region to save time.
  5. Share the puzzle with your friends!

How to solve Sudoku Puzzles

  1. Each row and column in the puzzle must have one of each number 1-9.
  2. Each region in the puzzle (the square areas with a thicker border) must also have one of each number 1-9.
  3. No row, column, or region can have duplicate numbers.
  4. Using only logic and no guessing, fill in the missing numbers using these contraints.


  1. The puzzles created for this app can sometimes be tricky. If you're a beginner and have solved one, you are no longer a beginner!
  2. Use pencil marks to show where a number could possibly be in a cell. Sometimes deductions can be made from patterns in the pencil marks.
  3. If a number can be anywhere in a region, press and hold on the pencil mark number to add it automatically to all the cells. This saves having to manually place each one.
  4. Mistakes will be marked as a red number to prevent having to undo multiple steps.
  5. You'll be presented with a win screen when the puzzle is solved. Share it with your friends!
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